Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Australian actress Margot Robbie, star of the breakout summer blockbuster “Barbie,” called Bitcoin a “Ken thing,” in a playful remark directed at her husband this week. It got me thinking: Barbie would have been a fan of Bitcoin.

After all, Barbie’s legacy of autonomy, entrepreneurship and empowerment aligns precisely with the principles of Bitcoin.

Aubrey Strobel is the host of “The Aubservation” podcast.

Barbie’s story begins in 1959, a time when women faced significant social and legal barriers to financial independence. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act that granted women the right to open a bank account independently was still 15-years away. Despite this, Barbie became an icon and a symbol of feminine empowerment, a story that was expertly reimagined in director Great Gerwig’s latest film.

Barbie is a mess of contradictions: she’s materialistic and uncompromising, hyper-feminine and stridently independent, literally plastic while also being so much more. She surmounted countless obstacles and prejudices while reinforcing others, but also, ultimately, showed that empowerment doesn’t always follow a predetermined script.

How did Barbie go from being essentially an unbanked housewife to a household name across the globe and model for empowerment?

One of the most compelling aspects of Barbie’s legacy is her representation as a businesswoman. Throughout the years, she has been a leader across industries and professions as an astronaut, doctor and computer engineer – breaking gender stereotypes and demonstrating anyone can achieve anything to which they set their minds.

Perhaps most importantly, she set a powerful example for young girls and women to take control of their finances.

Drawing parallels between Barbie’s entrepreneurial journey and the principles of Bitcoin, we find a shared pursuit of financial independence and self-empowerment. Bitcoin, as a decentralized digital currency, enables individuals to manage their financial futures without relying on traditional financial institutions. Of course Barbie the trailblazer, the independent thinker, and go-getter would see the value in Bitcoin.

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Just as Barbie has challenged gender norms and pushed boundaries, Bitcoin can be a means for women to challenge the male-dominated financial landscape. Bitcoin allows female entrepreneurs to break into a fast-moving startup field and take charge, a legacy Barbie would be proud of. Perhaps Mattel should consider Barbie the cypherpunk or Barbie the crypto futurist next.

Promoting the achievements of women within the fintech space is crucial in challenging the misconception that Bitcoin is exclusively for men. Recognizing and celebrating female pioneers, traders, developers and influencers within the community will foster a more inclusive environment.

The spirit of Barbie’s entrepreneurship aligns with the principles of Bitcoin. By showcasing her journey as a successful businesswoman, we can draw parallels between Barbie’s empowerment and the opportunities Bitcoin offers. We should encourage more women, perhaps inspired by Barbie’s message, to also embrace Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a pathway for financial independence – a “Barbie thing.”

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