Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Derivatives exchange CME Group plans to launch ether/bitcoin (ETH/BTC) ratio futures on July 31, if approved by regulators, the company announced Thursday.

The futures will be cash-settled, meaning that cash exchanges hands at settlement instead of the underlying instrument. CME Group Ether futures final settlement price will be divided by the corresponding CME Group Bitcoin futures final settlement price to determine the value.

“Historically, ether and bitcoin have been highly correlated; however, as the two assets have grown over time, market dynamics may affect the performance of one more than the other, creating relative value trading opportunities,” Giovanni Vicioso, CME Group global head of cryptocurrency products said in a statement. “With the addition of Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures, investors will be able to capture ether and bitcoin exposure in a single trade, without needing to take a directional view.”

In May, CME Group added daily expirations for bitcoin and ether futures options contracts as well as micro-sized bitcoin and ether futures.

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