Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Litecoin blockchain has officially cut its block subsidy – the predetermined reward miners receive for processing transactions and securing the network – from 12.5 litecoin (LTC) to 6.25 LTC.

The reduction took place on Wednesday around 15:06 UTC (11:06 am ET) at block height 2,520,000 according to the website It was the network’s third halving since its inception in 2011.

Litecoin, a “fork” or clone of Bitcoin, is sometimes affectionately referred to as “digital silver.” Both blockchains reward “miners” who process transactions and secure the network, with a reward – a combination of variable transaction fees and a predetermined “subsidy” that gets halved approximately every four years. (With Litecoin, they happen every 840,000 transaction blocks, and the average time to generate each block is about 2.5 minutes.)

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On Wednesday, that subsidy was officially reduced by 50%, meaning that miners have basically received a pay cut, albeit one they were already expecting.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee says these disinflationary halvings help achieve mass adoption without sacrificing network security.

“Satoshi chose four-year block halving so that it gives enough time for the network to grow in time for the fees to eventually take over.” Lee explained during a Twitter livestream last week. “The idea is that there will be enough usage on-chain creating enough fees. The fees will be enough to pay the miners to continue to help secure the network.”

At the time of reporting, LTC was trading at $89.02, down 4% in the past 24 hours.

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