Saturday, September 23, 2023

Arkham Intel Exchange – a bounty marketplace where people can trade crypto intelligence – displays 11 submissions since its launch on July 10, each from unique addresses, highlighting a steady start for the platform.

There are also 32 active bounties sitting on the marketplace. Seven were posted by Tron DAO, while the remaining majority comes from Arkham Admin, as of 18:18 UTC.

CoinDesk found that the average value of a bounty is 5,931 ARKM (the native token) or $3,677, though more than 72% of the bounties are worth 1,000 ARKM, ranging from identifying the public address of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and attributing addresses that belong to Bitwise, a large crypto asset manager with over $1 billion in assets under management. The two largest bounties, worth about 100,000 ARKM and 50,000 ARKM, respectively, revolve around identifying addresses that exploited FTX during its collapse and crypto trading firm Wintermute.

Meanwhile, another address has a submission for a bounty worth 1,500 ARKH asking for the identification of an address owned by MicroStrategy (MSTR) with over 10,000 BTC volume.

Even though there are a few buyers requesting on-chain intelligence, namely Tron DAO and Arkham Admin, all submissions come from unique addresses. Arkham did not respond to a request for a comment by press time.

The platform recently found itself in the midst of a public-relations firestorm with a vocal contingent of the crypto community expressing outrage on Twitter over its program that incentivizes people to reveal the identities behind otherwise anonymous or pseudonymous blockchain addresses. However, during a Twitter Space, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel batted back at critics, arguing that a lack of privacy is inherent to how most blockchains operate today.

The ARKM token has slid 13% to 65 cents since its debut three days ago.

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Edited by Aoyon Ashraf.

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